New Homeowners: Green Ridge North Community


Welcome to Greenridge North Community, a Deed Restricted community of 1189 homes nested by Airline Drive, West Road and Goodson Drive. We hope you have had the opportunity to meet your new neighbors and have learned a little about our master plan. If you have any questions regarding the developments on the master plan, please feel free to call the office at 281-931-0447 or visit our website at There is a page on the site that contains answers to many questions you may have. Please look for the New Homeowner link in the menu at the top of the page.

We encourage and welcome all homeowners to attend board and homeowners’ meetings. Remember that as a homeowner, you too have a stake in this community. So please, make it an effort to attend when possible. Communities are built on greater involvement of numbers.

Currently, Greenridge North Community is managed by a Board of Trustees, working together with City of Houston and Harris County Elected Officials. A volunteer committee serves as our administrators and is the primary contact for all the following concerns (deed restrictions or information on proper procedures for building modifications and architectural control issues).

The Greenridge North Community Service Corporation, Board of Trustees is comprise of volunteers from the community. It is the responsibility of these neighbors to make all decisions concerning operations, finance and open space. There are also neighbors available to answer questions or handle some concerns you may have. These individuals are called area representatives. Each street in our development is part of an area and has its own liaison to the Board. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the office at 281-931-0447.

Greenridge North Community also has a social event committee currently chaired by Alice Weaver 281-931-0447. The committee will coordinated spring, summer, fall and winter children’s’ activities within the neighborhood, besides community events such as yard sales, block parties, national night out and community days. They are always open to new ideas and welcome new faces. The committee is currently looking for a volunteer to coordinate activities. If you have suggestions or thoughts to share, or are interested in planning these events, please contact Alice.

Once again, we welcome you and your family to Greenridge North Community, and we hope you enjoy your new home and community for years to come.

Greenridge North Community Service Corporation, Board of Directors