Realtor: Green Ridge North Community

Dear Realtors,

This letter is to inform you of some changes that were approved by Green Ridge
North Board of Trustees. These changes are effective immediately as of today,
December 11, 2012. The following charges will apply to all new homeowners
buying a home in the Green Ridge North Community.

Transfer Fees: The transfer fee is equal to 0.75% of the greater of (a) gross
purchase price of the Parcel as shown on the closing statement, or (b) the
appraisal of the Parcel as shown on the then-current record of the Harris County
Appraisal District (HCAD). The new owner is obligated to pay a one time
assessment (Transfer Fee) when a parcel is conveyed by one person to another
(except accompanying the division of community property after a divorce or as
the result of the death of an Owner). However, divorcees and family members
that inherit the property due to the result of the death of an owner do have to pay
a transfer fee of $175.00. This has to be submitted in writing at the moment of
the request.

Resale Certificates Fee: $225.00
Refinance Fee: $75.00

Foreclosures: All Bank Institutions or other secured creditor that have repossess
a parcel in Green Ridge North Community have to pay the 0.75% Transfer Fee
(mentioned above). We will also need a Green Ridge North foreclosure form to
be filled out and submitted with payment for our records. It is the Bank
Institutions or other secured creditor responsibility of maintaining the parcel
clean and mowed until the property is sold. If for some reason the parcel is not
maintained the Green Ridge North Community Home Association have the right
to maintained and invoiced the Bank Institutions or other secured creditor.

All payments are to be made to, noted with the parcel address which has been
bought and mailed to the following address:

Greenridge North Community Service Corporation
P. O. Box 672745
Houston, Texas 77267-2745