Heavy Trash: Green Ridge North Community


The information here is current as of 26 September, 2012. For the latest
information, please see houstonsolidwaste.org. This City of Houston
site also has information regarding other pickup such as recycling and
regular trash. If you have any questions about any of these city services,
you should contact the city.

Download “The Heavy Trash Facts,” a newsletter containing the rules of how,
when, and what is collected as heavy trash.

Effective November 1, 2012 – 3rd Tuesday of the month

Continuing its efforts to maximize cost savings, provide efficient service
delivery and engage in proactive customer service, the Solid Waste
Management Department has taken your feedback and is improving your
heavy trash (tree waste/junk waste) collection service.

Effective Thursday, November 1, 2012, the monthly heavy trash (tree
waste/junk waste) pickup date for your neighborhood will change. Tree
waste and junk waste collection will still occur in alternating months, odd-
numbered months for tree waste (January, March, May, July, September
and November) and even-numbered months for junk waste (February, April,
June, August, October and December), but on the new heavy trash (tree
waste/ junk waste) pickup day designated for your neighborhood. Please
note that collection day schedules for other Solid Waste services such as
garbage, yard trimmings and recycling collection WILL NOT change.

All sections of Greenridge North Community will have heavy trash
pick-up on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, starting November 1st,

Please mark your calendars accordingly. Remember that heavy trash can be put out on the curve only 3 days before the pick up date. The City of Houston will fine any homeowner who does not comply.

Por favor marque su calendario en consecuencia. Recuerde que la basura pesada se puede poner fuera en la curva de sólo 3 días antes de la fecha de recogida. La ciudad de Houston multará cualquier propietario que no cumpla.

Tree Debris Only: Trunks and Limbs
Restos de árboles solamente: Troncos, extremidades y ramas
January 19, 2016 19 de enero, 2016
March 15, 2016 15 de marzo, 2016
May 17, 2016 17 de mayo, 2016
July 19, 2016 19 de julio, 2016
September 20, 2016 20 de septiembre, 2016
November 15, 2016 15 de noviembre, 2016
Heavy Trash and Tree Debris: Sofas, TV, Old Appliances, Board Materials, Bikes, Furniture, etc. Tree Debris is also allowed
Basura Pesada Solamente: Sofás, TV, electrondomésticos viejos, materiales de madera, bicicleta, muebles, etc. Restos de árboles también son permitidos
February 16, 2016 16 de febrero, 2016
April 19, 2016 19 de abril, 2016
June 21, 2016 21 de junio, 2016
August 16, 2016 16 de agusto, 2016
October 18, 2016 18 de octubre, 2016
December 20, 2016 20 de deciembre, 2016